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Dixon kids learn math, writing, rocket science

SHARE Dixon kids learn math, writing, rocket science

A special experimental summer class at Dixon Middle School has students shooting off rockets and then writing about it.

Called STEMA - short for Science, Technology, English and Math Applications - the class teaches students how the skills they learn apply in everyday life. "This is a special summer school class, not part of the regular year," said teacher John Hall. "It's designed to help kids with low scores or who have fallen behind." It's also for children who want more in-depth study, he said.In the collaborative class of four disciplines, science teacher Roy Kano helps students understand scientific and technological principles such as drag and thrust. Then math teacher Rod Day takes over and teaches about such principles as speed. Meanwhile, English teacher Pat Drussell has been teaching students how to write an English paper so they can prepare a paper about the experience, said Hall.

The technology class, which Hall teaches, is a hands-on class where the students have been building paper rockets.

On Friday, students shot the rockets into the sky. "We've never tried this before," Hall said. "But it has had positive results."