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Bulls: Making the grade

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Game 5 report card and tonight's prospectus.

Randy Brown I

Is he really on this roster?

Series: I

Jud Buechler F

It took a few games, but Phil Jackson finally realized where Buechler fit into his game plan - parked next to Randy Brown.

Series: F

Scott Burrell F

Ten minutes of absolute non-production. Two turnovers, one foul.

Series: D

Ron Harper F

The next Michael Jordan totaled three points, two rebounds, one assist in - get this - 31 MINUTES!

Series: C

Michael Jordan B

Have to give the guy credit for 28 points, even though it took him 26 shots (he made nine) to get there. Jordan's long-awaited bust-out game just doesn't appear to be coming any time soon.

Series: A

Steve Kerr B

This may seem like a high grade for a guy who scored six points, but his two three-pointers were clutch, and he managed to not get lit up by John Stockton.

Series: D

Toni Kukoc A+

Europe's Michael Jordan seemed seriously interested in not returning to Salt Lake, which really hurts the feelings of Utah's Croatian community. Made 11 of 13 shots for 30 points, which probably means we can expect him to disappear in Game 6.

Series: C+

Luc Longley D+

The ambling Aussie continues to look bewildered as Karl Malone fires jumpers over his bean. Only looks good by comparison to Jazz's Greg Fostertag.

Series: D

Scottie Pippen D

Barely showed up. Stood around waiting for Jordan to carry him to the Promised Land. Missed 14 of 16 shots, but at least he was versatile, missing them from everywhere. Avoids a failing grade thanks to double-double of 11 assists, 11 rebounds.

Series: B+

Dennis Rodman D

Did what he has done many times in the past against Malone - pouted, frowned, looked to officials for relief that wasn't coming. Three rebounds.

Series: B

Dickey Simpkins I

What do you expect from a grown man who lets people call him "Dickey"?

Series: I

Bill Wennington I

Dickey's sidekickey.

Series: I