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Bulls: Making the grade

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Game 6 grades and Finals report card.

Randy Brown I

Finished the Finals where he started it, anchored to the Bulls bench. Twenty years from now will neglect to mention this fact when flashing his NBA Championship ring.

Series: I

Jud Buechler D

When flashing his NBA Championship ring 20 years from now, his eight minutes of play on Sunday will probably have grown to 80. Inability to guard Shandon Anderson in the low post made him too much of a liability.

Series: F

Scott Burrell F

Did he play 10 minutes? Game 6 line reads: 0 fouls, 0 steals, 0 assists and 0 points. Not a whole lot different than his contribution the five previous games.

Series: D

Ron Harper C+

Another clawing, scratching defensive effort. The 8 points he added on the offensive end was crucial with Scottie Pippen aching. Overall, a solid defensive series that often made Utah's point-guard tandum struggle.

Series: C

Michael Jordan A+

Jordan rules! Why settle for scoring 45 points when you can put an exclamation point by making sure the last NBA basket you may ever score is the Finals-clincher. This guy's retirement can't come fast enough for Jazz fans, who likely would be in the midst of celebrating their second world championship if he were still hacking away at minor-league curveballs.

Series: A

Steve Kerr F

No points and 3 assists in 24 minutes of PT. Never located his game in the Finals. Which begs the question: Why were the Jazz so worried about him that they decided to play Jordan straight up in the waning seconds rather than cheat off Kerr?

Series: D

Toni Kukoc B+

Followed his monster game on Friday with a yeoman 42-minute, 15-point effort on Sunday. It's safe to assume the Bulls wouldn't be celebrating their sixth NBA Championship without his play in the Finals.

Series: B

Luc Longley F

Another foul-plagued outing courtesy of the Mailman. Sunday night, he played 14 unproductive minutes with 0 points and 4 fouls, which pretty much mirrors his averages for the Finals.

Series: F

Scottie Pippen D

Also gets a "D" for effort. Ailing back sidelined him for much of the first half. Chicago, however, wouldn't have been in a position to close the series in Game 6 without Pippen's inspiring play in Games 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Series: B

Dennis Rodman B

Hauled in 8 rebounds and scored 7 points in 39 minutes of play. Failed to shut down Karl Malone for second game in a row.

Series: B

Dickey Simpkins I

Game 6 DNP stands for: Dickey Needs a Profession. But what's he care? He's laughing all the way to the jeweler.

Series: I

Bill Wennington D

His 18-foot jumper with 1:19 left in the opening quarter proved to be Chicago's margin of victory.

Series: I