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NBC won’t rerun controversial `Seinfeld’

SHARE NBC won’t rerun controversial `Seinfeld’

NBC says it won't rerun a controversial "Seinfeld" episode that offended Hispanics with its scene of Kramer trying to stomp out a burning Puerto Rican flag.

The network refused to say whether the decision had anything to do with the complaints, but failing to rerun an episode of the highly rated sitcom is unprecedented.NBC had apologized to anyone who was insulted by the episode but said no offense was intended.

"The scene was included for no other reason than to show the ironic result of Kramer's habitual fumbling, as he professed his love for Puerto Rico and its people," Rosalyn Weinman, NBC's executive in charge of broadcast standards, told the National Puerto Rican Coalition in a letter.

It's not clear whether the episode will resurface in syndication. A spokesman for the company that syndicates "Seinfeld" reruns did not immediately return a call for comment.

NBC will, however, rerun the 45-minute "Seinfeld" highlights show that preceded the final episode. Only when it airs on Thursday, July 9, at 8 p.m., it will be expanded to an hour.

When the retrospective of the best moments from the sitcom initially aired on May 14, it was trimmed by 15 minutes to accommodate the 75-minute sign-off show.