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Girls safe after 2 days in wilderness

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Two Vermont girls were found safe Monday after nearly two days in the rain-drenched wilderness.

Anne Laramee, 15, and Emma Rowe, 14, were greeted by friends and family at a campground. They got lost while on a school trip in the White Mountain National Forest, and treacherous flooding slowed down rescuers."Anne and I are both level-headed, and we kept each other sane," Emma said. "We tried to be rational and talk things through."

The girls had hiked ahead of two adults and four other girls toward a shelter Saturday afternoon but couldn't reach it because rivers and streams along the path were swollen by torrential rain that continued through Sunday. Rising water blocked them when they tried to go back.

"We were really, really cold, but we were OK. We kept getting caught between two rivers," Emma said.

They spent Saturday night huddling in a sleeping bag and built a shelter the next day out of the bag and a jacket. They said they stayed there Sunday night as water around them rose. When it fell Monday, they started to hike out and soon met a searcher.