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Wrestling good, clean fun

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With the recent announcements on ESPN and in your paper (June 13, D2) that Karl Malone will be facing Dennis Rodman at the July WCW Wrestling Pay-Per-View Bash at the Beach (The Great American Bash is in June), I wish to make a statement.

As a wrestling fan for the past nine years, I have heard all the criticism, all the stereotypes and all the other insults that are dished out by both the general public and the media. So, I'm preparing for it now.I'm sure many sports experts and others will talk about how Malone is embarrassing himself by participating in wrestling. I'm sure that people will constantly point out that wrestling is fake. And I'm sure that they will refer to fans like me as beer-swilling rednecks who sit around trailer homes wearing concert T-shirts and John Deere hats. Well, to hopefully prevent this from the beginning, I'm writing to dispel some of these stereotypes and rumors.

First and foremost, Karl Malone should not be embarrassed about appearing in WCW. For years Malone has been a wrestling fan (a fact I first learned in the Deseret News a few years ago). He is good friends with Page Faulkenberg (aka Diamond Dallas Page, his partner for the event). So, for him, it must be great fun. And as he said in a recent post-game press conference, who cares what he does in his off time.

Wrestling fans know wrestling is fake. Ninety-five percent of entertainment is. We understand it. We watch because of it. Perhaps the media (present company excepted) should be glad it is, so they can rest assured that when Malone faces Rodman he won't be able to really hurt the guy.

So, please remember these points while you cover Malone's involvement in World Championship Wrestling.

Jake Black