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Fluoride verdict was wise

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Thank you, Salt Lake County Commission, for acting wisely by not placing the fluoride question, again, on the ballot. This issue has been voted on, and rejected by, the voters of Salt Lake County in past elections. Let's call it a dead issue.

Of course fluoride is very beneficial to dental health. But there is a better method of administering the stuff than adding it to drinking water. Fluoride tablets, available from your pharmacist with a doctor's prescription, are inexpensive and, in tablet form, may be taken in closely measured dosages under a physician's guidance.Now here's a comment for the Deseret News editorial writer in your editorial of June 13: It is hard for me to understand your comparison of chlorine to fluoride. I agree that removing chlorine from drinking water would be a very dangerous proposition. But chlorine and fluoride are two completely different substances with different functions. Your subtle suggestion that we will revert to a Third World country if we do not fluoride the drinking water places you in the propaganda business.

Again, thank you, commissioners.

Gary E. Brown

Salt Lake City