Kudos to Brent Overson and Mary Callaghan for nixing the fluoridation in our water. Horiuchi, on the other hand, is typical of the socialist in our mist, they want the one size fits all for the benefit of the populace. If a person with kidney problems, immune deficiency problems or allergies has to drink bottled water, so what? Fluoridation is for the benefit of the masses and only the government or governing body knows what is best for us. Far be it from any individual to be able to make intelligent, well-thought-out choices for themselves.

And finally, shame on the Deseret News for starting the series of articles on fluoridation that compared the group opposed to fluoridation with a bunch of right-wing fanatics. The Deseret News couldn't possibly be trying to influence the outcome of this issue by withholding information, could they?Bruce A. Nieveen