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TV mail carrier delivers message to tax cheats

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Wayne Knight, who played lazy postal worker Newman on "Seinfeld," is more into public service in real life, taking a reduced fee to make radio commercials urging Wisconsin tax delinquents to pay up.

"Ninety-five percent of Wisconsin taxpayers pay their taxes on time. Congratulations," Knight says as the Hank Williams' song "Your Cheatin' Heart" plays in the background. "Unfortunately, that means 5 percent of you don't. No congratulations for you. In fact, what if the other 95 percent knew who you were?" he asks. "That wouldn't be pretty."Knight received $10,000 to make the commercial telling tax delinquents to take advantage of the state's 60-day amnesty, about one-fifth his usual fee for such work, according to Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary Cate Zeuske.