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Harmsen is right for job

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The county commissioners probably have more effect on the quality of our lives than any other elected officials, local or national. They are the top level of management of our county government that includes 3,700 regular employees, 2,500 temporaries, and an annual budget of our tax money in excess of $500 million. They allocate and oversee resources for law enforcement, zoning, sanitation, garbage handling, senior citizens centers, health services, animal control, county roads and many other services.

Electing a county commissioner is tantamount to appointing the chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 corporation. It is a big-league management job. How well they do it affects how well we live and how much it costs us in taxes, especially property taxes. Taxes get raised when all of the money is spent and the job isn't finished. If possible, we must elect a competent executive as commissioner.Most people who are qualified to manage a business the size of the Salt Lake County government are not interested because they already have a better job. Many of those who do run are trying to get a job for which they have little training and at a salary that they have been unable to get in the free market.

I believe that Steve Harmsen's candidacy is the best opportunity we have had in years to elect the right kind of person for this difficult job. He owns and operates a complex interstate business that has competed and prospered where many have failed.

For years he has dealt with the daily pressures of departments wanting more resources, staff wanting higher salaries and personnel issues. He is also an experienced commissioner, having served on the Salt Lake City Commission. He is seeking the commission seat because he wants the challenge of making the county better, not because he needs a better job.

I have done business with Mr. Harmsen for about 20 years. I have found him to be bright, honest and articulate. I especially appreciate his view that the role of government is to serve the people, not the other way around.

Clinton Day

Salt Lake City