Prosecutor William L. Benge has refiled felony charges of abuse or desecration of human remains against a Blanding doctor and his wife who are accused of unearthing ancient Indian remains.

The case already has been turned away by 7th District Court and the Utah Court of Appeals, but appellate justices left the door open for the county prosecutor to file the case again.Benge had no comment. Neither did Moab attorney Bill Shultz, who is defending James Redd and his wife, Jeanne. Nor did Denver defense attorney Rod Snow.

However, Assistant Attorney General Joanne C. Slotnik welcomed the news.

The case centers on an incident that took place on state lands outside Blanding on Jan. 6, 1996.

The state argues the Redds, avid collectors of Indian artifacts, twice violated the state's prohibition against unearthing human remains.

The family came upon human bone fragments while sifting through a disposal mound outside a dwelling once occupied by Anasazi Indians.

The courts held there was no evidence that Anasazi bodies were deliberately buried.

The couple successfully argued the felony charges should be thrown out, leaving only a misdemeanor charge of trespassing on trust lands.

The Redds have been ordered to make their initial appearance July 16.