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`Fellowman’ saved my day

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I stopped by the grocery store on the way to work one recent morning. After shopping, I put my purchases in the back of my truck. I drove down 6200 South toward Redwood Road to get on I-215. While stopped at the Redwood Road light, the man in the car behind me jumped out and ran up to my window. With all the road rage problems lately, I was apprehensive. That was until I saw that the gentleman had my wallet and checkbook in his hand. I had left them on the back bumper of my truck. The rescuer of my wallet ran back to his car before I could thank him.

I admit that I get cynical about life and paranoid about my fellowman. Right now I'm feeling grateful and a little overwhelmed. Many thanks to one Salt Lake resident for his honesty and kindness.Kathleen Cortado

West Jordan