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Police surprised suspect

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The man who allegedly shot a Brigham Young University police officer last month was ready to go down fighting, but Nevada police used surprise to apprehend him without bloodshed Monday.

Carl Douglas Consolvo, 38, was wearing body armor and carrying a loaded 9 mm pistol - the same kind of gun used in the shooting of BYU police Sgt. David Adams with on May 20 - when he was arrested about 12:30 a.m. Monday in Henderson, Nev."Weapons were drawn, and he realized he was overpowered," said Aurelio Flores, FBI special agent in Las Vegas. "He had a lot of firepower surrounding him and he decided not to draw his weapon."

FBI agents and a special team of police from Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas recovered the handgun from Consolvo as well as three loaded magazines holding about 100 rounds, Flores said.

Police also found $20,000 in his possession. They suspect some of that money may have come from three bank robberies in Utah County that police believe were committed by Consolvo. The three bank robberies occurred within one hour on May 20.

Consolvo was a registered guest at the Reserve Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Flores said. FBI agents in Las Vegas received a tip from the Salt Lake City FBI office that Consolvo was staying there, and they staked the hotel out for several hours while waiting for a good chance to apprehend the man who is wanted in connection with 12 arrest warrants in several states.

Although Consolvo was armed when he emerged from his hotel room, he was surprised by the officers, who immediately took him down, Flores said. Members of the Criminal Apprehension Team (CATS) from southeast Nevada combined with FBI agents to arrest him.

Consolvo was profiled on the television program "America's Most Wanted" Saturday and law enforcement authorities received 232 calls from viewers who reportedly had seen him. However, Flores said he was unsure if the tip that led to Consolvo's arrest came from one of the program's viewers.

FBI offices across the country have been trying to arrest Consolvo in connection with a string of crimes since January. Among the crimes police suspect him of committing are rape, abduction, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, car-jacking and attempted homicide.

Consolvo made an appearance before a U.S. magistrate in Las Vegas Monday. Consolvo will likely be prosecuted first in Utah, said Sgt. Al Cervantes, of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. He is wanted by local authorities in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Texas and Utah. It is possible, however, that Consolvo will be tried on federal charges - such as bank robbery - first.

"The U.S. Attorney's Office in Las Vegas will look at all the warrants and then decide who will have venue on him first," Flores said.

Earlier reports have stated Consolvo is HIV-positive, but when he was arrested he denied it. The jail will determine if he is HIV-positive, Cervantes said.

Authorities in Utah County said they are prepared to charge Consolvo in Utah's 4th District Court with attempting to kill Adams, but they're not sure if he'll ever be back in Provo.

Consolvo is believed to be the man who robbed Bank One in Orem, Wells Fargo and Zions National Bank in Provo on May 20. He then allegedly fired several rounds at Adams, who was following him. One of the bullets glanced off the steering wheel of Adams' vehicle and struck him in the stomach, although it did not penetrate the skin.

Consolvo then reportedly ditched his car behind a building and walked to a car dealership, where he purchased a used vehicle using his own name and drove away.

Consolvo was identified as the primary suspect from a video camera photo taken at one of the banks.