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`People’s budget’ emphasizes public safety, fire protection

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Call it the people's budget.

Sandy's proposed 1998-99 budget was designed after enlisting public feedback from a 1997 citizen survey.The survey's findings? Sandy residents list family safety, improved municipal services and quality of life as top priorities.

And so, more than a third of Sandy's proposed $30 million is designated for public safety.

Three new officers would be assigned to the city's community-oriented policing program, paid primarily through an increase in business license fees.

Growth has also prompted calls for improvements in Sandy's fire department. The proposed budget sets aside funding for the purchase of a 100-foot ladder truck and land to support a fifth fire station.

The budget also calls for three additional firefighters.

A proposal to implement a $3 per household storm water fee would fund a long-term storm water drainage master plan.

"Indications already are that in order to better protect residents from future flooding, the city must commit to and fund significant changes and improvements to its storm water management system," wrote Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan in a recent letter to the city council.

The budget also proposes a quarter-million dollars to improve city roadways and walkways.

The city's animal shelter is also feeling its age. The proposed 1998-99 budget, as well as subsequent budgets through 2001, designates reserving $100,000 per year for the shelter's eventual renovation or replacement.

The proposed budget also makes $200,000 available for completion of city streetscapes and landscaping of city gateways.

More than $300,000 is expected to cover the continued implementation of Sandy's trail master plan.

Redevelopment funding will open an east/west corridor to Sandy's commercial areas by helping construct a freeway underpass at 10000 South. The city also hopes to conduct an environmental impact study prefacing the eventual construction of a freeway interchange at 11400 South.

A public hearing on the proposed budget is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday.


Additional Information

Budget - Sandy

General fund: $30,421,037


General fund $28,289,400


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $ 5,072,251

Last year: $ 4,660,941

Sales tax: $12,309,727

Last year: $12,049,125

Franchise tax: $ 3,625,600

Last year: $ 3,313,900

Other revenues: $ 9,413,459

Last year: $ 8,265,434

Where it goes:

Public safety: $12,339,434

Last year: $11,608,842

Parks & Rec. $ 2,370,932

Last year: $ 2,317,966

Public works: $ 4,442,602

Last year: $ 4,419,134

Community devel.: $ 1,539,862

Last year: $ 1,464,174

Other: $ 9,748,207

Last year: $ 8,479,284

Tax/fee increases Business license fee: increase proposed

Storm water fee: increase proposed

Waste collection fee: increase proposed