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Shield children from sun

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For the past few years, I have been jogging on a regular basis on the various Jordan River parkways. It is so nice to have a safe environment to exercise, away from the danger of vehicles and pollution. But I am concerned about another type of danger: UV rays. For a long time I have noticed that many parents bring their babies out in strollers. I have observed how the parents will have on sunglasses or hats to shield themselves from the sun, yet their children are totally unprotected. You can see how miserable these babies are as the bright sun hits their faces. Most of these paths take 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other. This is an extended period of time to be in direct sunlight, unprotected.

I commend the parents that shield their babies by hanging a blanket over the stroller or by dressing them with protective hats and clothing, but a majority of parents do not take these simple precautions. I wish there was a way to warn these parents of the damage of UV rays that their children are exposed to. I would gladly donate to have signs posted on each path as a reminder for parents to take precautions to shield their children from the direct sun.Gina Ballard

Salt Lake City