A second man has been charged in connection with a home-invasion robbery where two men threatened to inject a Murray man with the AIDS virus last month.

Two men entered a house near 6900 South and 800 East on May 28 and demanded $80,000 from a man in the house, according to 3rd District Court charges.The victim knew one of his assailants from "a prior business relationship," the charges state. During the assault, the men punched the victim, threatened him with a fire poker and threatened to inject him with a syringe filled with red liquid that they said contained the AIDS virus.

The victim called his mother and told her to wire $80,000 to the assailant's account, the charges state. The mother told police that a man with an English accent had spoken with her and demanded that she wire $80,000 to his account by the next day or he would kill her and her son.

The two assailants left the residence with computers, financial records, a planner, money and blank checks, according to the charges.