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Apathy is a silent enemy

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I was dismayed to learn on the news of the possible investigation of Kenneth Starr. When an investigation has turned its focus from the crimes of the president to the methods used by the prosecutor, something has gone seriously wrong. Those who listen to the spin put on things by presidential spokespersons are not being responsible: Kenneth Starr is not the issue. The president and his reportedly illegal activities are the issues. Those of you who complain of Starr's tactics in trying to gather information should ask yourselves how you would deal with a presidency that will never answer the question and will never give relevant information, instead retreating to the tactic of shifting the focus and the blame. Please realize this.

I am also distressed with the state of American politics: with voting at an all time low and dissatisfaction at a high, I am becoming increasingly angry with those people who complain and whine about the state of this nation yet do not go out and choose who will be running the country. In this age where people cry foul and First Amendment whenever any crude or inappropriate action is denounced, I cannot understand why a nation full of people so eager to exercise their rights is so reluctant to exercise one of the most fundamental rights of all: to choose your own government.It is your responsibility to vote, especially if you are going to complain, for nothing will be changed if the majority of the population sits at home on voting day.

Anna Siebach