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Davis sheriff says political foes are lying about him

SHARE Davis sheriff says political foes are lying about him

Davis County Sheriff Rob Davis has sent a letter to two of his most vocal critics telling them "to tell the truth" about his performance during his re-election campaign.

Davis believes former sheriff Glen Clary and former Sheriff's Lt. Kevin McLeod have been spreading inaccurate information about him.So Davis had Salt Lake attorney Scott W. Christensen draft the letters, which were hand-delivered to Clary and McLeod's homes on Monday.

McLeod said he thought the letter, threatening that the pair would "suffer serious consequences" if he didn't stop criticizing Davis, was a joke at first, but had his attorney contact Christensen.

"Do they think they are going to intimidate me?" McLeod said, "I have a First Amendment right to freedom of speech."

McLeod and Clary have criticized Davis in letters to newspapers and Republican county convention delegates and have publicly supported his opponent, Sheriff's Capt. Bud E. Cox.

McLeod, who worked for 20 years in the Sheriff's Department, has been mentioned as possibly becoming Cox's chief deputy if Cox is elected. Davis defeated Clary four years ago.

Davis said he realizes he is a public figure but thinks some of the Clary and McLeod's statements - like accusations that Davis used county equipment at a golf tournament he sponsored and that he contributed to high department turnover - go beyond typical politics.

"They have really left themselves open," Davis said. He said turnover - now at just over 8 percent - is lower than it has been for years, and the two men should make sure they gather the proper information before running with it.

McLeod said he stands by his letter.