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Au pair to give BBC `lots of answers’

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Louise Woodward will give a BBC interviewer "lots of answers" about the death of the baby in her care, her mother said Saturday.

"She's anxious to speak. You'll get lots of answers," Susan Woodward said as her daughter met with an interviewer from the British Broadcasting Corp.Louise Woodward, 20, returned to her home in Elton in northeast England on Thursday after a Massachusetts court affirmed her conviction and sentence for the death of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen. The trial jury found her guilty of second-degree murder, but the judge reduced that to manslaughter and her sentence to time served.

The family says she received no fee for the BBC interview. The interviewer, Martin Bashir, is best known for his one-on-one interview with Princess Diana in 1995.

"She feels anxious to be able to speak. She wants people to be able to listen to what she's got to say. She wants people to see her as a person.

"You saw how she conducted herself at the airport with confidence, but you only got snippets of what she had to say," Susan Woodward told Press Association.

The Daily Mail, which has confirmed that it paid $66,000 to Woodward's parents in November, published a long article Saturday that it said was based on contacts with the girl and her parents over several months.

The Daily Mail said Louise Woodward had a recurring dream about walking in Elton, wearing nothing but a sweater, and feeling the stares of villagers.

"I keep walking trying to get away from the stares," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"There isn't actually a canal in Elton but in my dream there is. There are all these babies floating in the water. The mothers walk calmly along the side of the canal and I can't do anything to save the babies."