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Ticket was not justified

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My friend has been driving from Oregon three times a year for the past 16 years to help with the upkeep of my home and property as I am 87 years old, a widow and handicapped.

We do not have a curb on Stratford Drive, only gutter and lawn parking. To avoid being hit on the curve, my friend parked his registered Oregon vehicle four inches on the lawn part of the parking area and received a $20 parking violation ticket. During winter, we are asked to park in this area to avoid the snow plows. Further West on Stratford Drive and 1300 East, cars are continually parked on the lawn areas and no citations are issued. As his vehicle has an out-of-state license, I presume the officer issued this ticket.This lawn may belong to the city, but I pay taxes, pay to have it mowed weekly plus water it in the summer. What does the city do to maintain it? When he paid this fee, he was embarrassed with the excuses for this offense. Don't our police have more to do than searching residential areas for a small pittance to help our city's income?

Mary Petersen

Salt Lake City