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Vote for wildlife measure

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Opponents of the wildlife proposition state that wildlife is doing well in Utah and that things need to be left just the way they are. That is exactly why the Utah Legislature has placed this issue before the Utah voters. A vote for the amendment will keep things just the way they are, the way they have been for the past 75 years.

A vote for the amendment will also discourage animal-rights activists from wasting millions of dollars trying to manage Utah wildlife under their agenda - the initiative process - as they have tried to do in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, California, Oregon and Washington. Utah voters are intelligent, and when they understand that a system that has worked well for Utah's wildlife and Utah's citizens is threatened by East Coast extremists, they will vote for the amendment this November. A vote for the amendment will protect the freedoms of 500,000 Utah fisherman and 140,000 Utah hunters from constant bombardment by out-of-state interests trying to manipulate Utah's freedoms, traditions and outdoor heritage through the initiative process.Carol Howard

Salt Lake City