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Local Births

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ALLEN, Jolee and Robert, Riverdale, boy, June 1.

CALLISTER, Jennifer and Jason, Ogden, girl, June 3.

CHENEY, Debra, and ANTONSON, Richard, Roy, boy, June 4.

EYRE, Jamie and Kyle, Lyman, Wayne County, girl, June 3.

FLORES, Martha and Epifanio, Ogden, boy, June 4.

HARO, Cristol, and CZUPICH, Burney, Clinton, girl, June 4.

HEAPS, Julie and Edwin, Clinton, girl, June 5.

JONES, Lorinda and Roy, Ogden, girl, June 1.

LUTZ, Deanna and Dirk, Pleasant View, girl, June 2.

MAIR, Christina and Timothy, Roy, boy, June 2.

MANGEL, Billie Jean, and HYMAS, Martin, Ogden, girl, June 1.

McGREGOR, Marian and Lawrence, Ogden, boy, June 1.

OVERDUYN, RaeLynn and Brandon, Sunset, girl, June 2.

OWEN, Melanie, and JACKSON, Willaim, Clearfield, girl, June 3.

PARSONS, Cathy and Robert, Ogden, boy, June 4.

PHOMSOUVANH, Phisamone and Thonghoune, Roy, boy, June 5.

POLL, Stephanie and Bret, South Weber, girl, June 5.

ROBERTS, Esther and Steven, Layton, girl, June 3.

RUDE, Pamela and Dwight, Ogden, girl, June 2.

SHELTON, Jennifer, and YNDA, Albert, Clearfield, girl, June 5.

STARRETT, Elizabeth and William, Roy, boy, June 5.

UDY, Danialle and Jonathan, Harrisville, boy, June 5.

WELLS, Hollie, and BROWN, Scott, Ogden, girl, June 3.

WHITE, Allison and David, Salt Lake City, boy, June 2.

YARBROUGH, Kathy and Timothy, West Point, boy, June 1.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

CROW, Nancy and David, Riverdale, girl, June 10.

FARRIS, Mechelle and Jason, Roy, boy, June 12.

GAILEY, Tonia, and GARCIA, Jeramie, Clearfield, boy, June 12.

GARCIA, Alisa and Joe, Layton, boy, June 15.

GLAUSER, Amy and Corey, Syracuse, girl, June 14.

JENSEN, Stephanie and Kevin, Clearfield, girl, June 14.

KNIGHT, Raechelle, Layton, boy, June 12.

LOVELADY, Amie and Monty, Layton, boy, June 12.

ORME, Tara and Michael, Ypsilanti, Mich., girl, June 12.

PETERSON, Jennifer and Kevin, Syracuse, girl, June 12.

SMITH, Kristina, and GARCIA, Ralph, Layton, girl, June 12.

SNELL, Wendi and Stephen, Kaysville, boy, June 13.

SNYDER, Lorilee and Michael, Clearfield, girl, June 15.

STEADMAN, Kayce and Justin, Roy, boy, June 15.

VAUGHN, Winter, and PONT, Jason, Roy, girl, June 14.

WENDT, Melanie and Ryan, Farmington, boy, June 11.

LDS Hospital-

BOWDEN, Jennifer and Shaun, Salt Lake City, twin girls, June 20.

BRAUN, Ellen and Erik, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

BURBIDGE, Wendy and Vaughn, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

GOSS, Cherie and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

HANSEN, Nichole and Michael, Magna, boy, June 20.

HARSH, Laura and Jamie, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

KEDDINGTON, Renee and Christopher, Kaysville, girl, June 20.

McLEOD, Heather and Mathew, Stockton, boy, June 20.

MOORE, Deborah and Darwin, Sandy, girl, June 20.

SIYAVONG, Phaungeun and Somoana, West Valley City, girl, June 20.

STENQUIST, Jill and Wade, Centerville, girl, June 20.

WISEMAN, Debbie, West Valley City, boy, June 20.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Melanie and James, Ogden, boy, June 19.

BIRD, Shelle and Scott, Brigham City, boy, June 21.

BISCHOFF, Julie Ann and David, Ogden, girl, June 19.

BROTHERSON, Rebecca and Bruce, North Ogden, boy, June 20.

CARRIGAN, Lisa and Robert, Morgan, boy, June 18.

FERRIN, Cristy and Shawn, North Ogden, girl, June 21.

FLEMING, Heather and Jesse, Roy, boy, June 21.

FOSTER, Darla and Shane, Centerville, boy, June 18.

HAAR, Sherrie and Anthony, Ogden, girl, June 14.

JOHNSON, Veronica and Donald, Ogden, boy, June 20.

KENDRICK, Jenifer and Brad, Ogden, girl, June 21.

LADERMAN, Peggy, Ogden, girl, June 20.

MACKELPRANG, Shaundra and Jason, Kaysville, boy, June 18.

MAIR, Diann and Brent, Roy, boy, June 18.

MITCHELL, Ember and Eric, Roy, boy, June 20.

MONTOYA, Johanna and Cuahutemoc, Ogden, girl, June 11.

OROZCO, Marisela, Ogden, girl, June 18.

PARKER, Colleen, and PAWLOSKI, Jozef, Ogden, boy, June 21.

PHALEN, Julie and Patrick, Liberty, Weber County, girl, June 18.

THOMPSON, Teresa and Steve, Hooper, girl, June 10.

VALDEZ, Tonya, and MASSENGALE, James, Ogden, girl, June 20.

VALDEZ, Yvonne and Gerald, Ogden, boy, June 20.

VEGA, Velia Guadalupe and Victor, Sunset, boy, June 13.

WRIGHT, Tammy, Willard, boy, June 15.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

AAGARD, Tevils and Mitch, Kearns, boy, June 19.

BUTLER, Stacie and Bryan, West Valley City, boy, June 21.

CORRALES, Norma, and MIRANDE, Armando, West Valley City, girl, June 22.

LAWSON, Laura and James, West Jordan, girl, June 21.

MAGBY, Trudy and Douglas, Taylorsville, girl, June 21.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center-

BELL, Jill and Christopher, Springville, boy, June 12.

BINGHAM, Jennifer and Mark, Orem, girl, June 11.

BLOOMFIELD, Amanda and Aaron, Provo, girl, June 9.

CHRISTENSEN, Sherie and Derek, Payson, boy, June 9.

DAVIS, Suzanne and Alan, Payson, girl, June 12.

DEBENHAM, Megan and Shaun, Provo, girl, June 10.

ELLIS, Alisa and Dan, Provo, girl, June 10.

GOODMAN, Carlena and Matthew, Provo, girl, June 9.

GULBRANSEN, Marci and Von, Monroe, Sevier County, boy, June 10.

HANSEN, Lorri and Gary, Salem, boy, June 11.

HULCE, Jill and Brian, Spanish Fork, boy, June 9.

JENSEN, Kelly and Adam, Provo, girl, June 11.

JOHNSON, Bonnie and Garth, Mapleton, twin girls, June 9.

JOHNSON, Jill and Blaine, Provo, girl, June 12.

KINGSLEY, Danielle and Dean, Orem, boy, June 11.

LAFORETT, Emily and Tony, Payson, girl, June 9.

MEYERS, Kim and Jeff, Orem, girl, June 9.

MORROW, Teri and Patrick, Orem, twin girls, June 11.

NIELSEN, Jennifer and Kelly, Provo, girl, June 11.

OTTERSTROM, Gina and Ronald, Provo, boy, June 12.

SON, Pamela and Stacey, Orem, girl, June 9.

SORENSEN, Sarah and Richard, Provo, boy, June 12.

STOTT, Linda and Van, Meadow, Millard County, boy, June 10.

STUART, Julie and John, Orem, girl, June 9.

WOLKEN, Jennifer and Brian, Orem, boy, June 12.

WOOLLEY, Janelle and Matthew, Provo, boy, June 10.

YOUNG, Heather and Bradford, Mapleton, boy, June 9.