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Cartoonist still views existence from far side

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Gary Larson walked away from his much-loved cartoon "The Far Side" three years ago, but he never left behind his twisted take on life.

His new project? Worms.Disguised as a kids' book, "There's a Hair in My Dirt! A Worm's Story" is a fable for grown-ups and savvy kids.

The tale follows the lovely but dim Harriet as she sets out on a walk in the woods, "excited as a tapeworm in a meat patty." It intertwines the story of a young worm who whines about his low niche in the food chain.

"I just started noodling with a story that might - in a fun way, hopefully, and through the eyes of a little worm - explore the connection between ourselves and the natural world," Larson said.


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