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Don’t raze old S.L. library

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Please help save our beautiful Salt Lake City Library from the demolition derby that is going on in this city.

I remember when this beautiful library was built. In fact, I remember how hard Professor Gail Plumber and his board worked to even get the land for it. Then to have it approved and designed to give us the beauty of sitting inside and to be able to look out on two sides at lawn and daylight while we looked through the wonderful collection of books we had.The beautiful and very colorful painting on the northwest wall was painted and I think donated by Douglas Snow, and we have all enjoyed it. The large plaque on the south side of the building was designed and made by Jane Roper and her students. The building has always been a wonderful addition to our downtown.

We must remember that today this is used mostly by senior citizens who enjoy the chance to browse and take time to still enjoy it. We have never had trouble with parking as sometimes we might have to put in a quarter a half block away to park.

We do not need all the computers and other things that they are trying to put in. They can be installed in the newer building like the one on State Street. Just give us more beautiful books - and the older the better. Do not vote for the taxes to be increased for $85 million for something we do not want or need.

MaRee S. Sloan

Salt Lake City