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Flood Bulls with cigars

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Excuse me, Brad Rock, and all you other Bulls fans, let's credit where credit is due. It was Dick Bavetta's five-point steal that won Game 6 for the Bulls, not Jordan's performance. Had it not been for Bavetta's contribution, Jordan's hope for a sixth ring would have been postponed. Now, it is only tarnished.

Oh well, I suppose the old gentleman needed a farewell bash before he retires (if he ever does).My one consoling thought is that Rodman plans to never return to Utah. It would be another consolation if Brad Rock would follow the Worm, Jordan and Jackson to Chicago. His brand of sportswriting with all his platitudes and accolades for Jordan would be more appropriate and better received in the "Windy City."

In the meantime, may I suggest that all disheartened Jazz fans send the Bulls boxes and boxes of cigars. That should put an early demise to their careers, and I don't think the NBA could do a thing about it.

Barbara W. Palmer

Salt Lake City