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Riverton building may reopen in time for new school session

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Riverton Elementary School may reopen its doors in time for school to start next month.

A sewer line leading to the school will be repaired and made into separate lines, and toilets will have automatic flushing. Work is to be completed by July 27, the first day of school. Teachers may be able to enter the school by July 21, if the board so approves."Although no exact cause of the problems has been (pinpointed), we feel this will give us greater assurance," that problems don't happen again, said district spokeswoman Melinda Rock. "We've listened very closely to the parent advisory group.. . . As a district, we feel we've done everything we possibly can."

An expert panel's recommendations and those of a parent advisory committee will be discussed July 14 by the Jordan Board of Education, which must approve re-entry.

"I really feel optimistic that things will be working out," said Leon Berrett, spokesman for the parent advisory committee.

The school was closed and students moved into surrounding middle schools last February, after 18 children complaining of upset stomach, rashes, watery eyes and headaches were transported to a local hospital.

Teachers and students had complained about peculiar odors and health problems at the school since the school opened three years ago.