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Jazz are true champions

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I am an avid Jazz fan and have enjoyed reading the write-ups in the paper after the games were played. For the most part they were informative, interesting and cleverly written. However, when we knew we would be playing the Bulls for the championship, I noticed a subtle change. More and more pictures were being shown of Michael Jordan.

One day in particular, there were three big pictures of him, one on the main section of the paper and two in the sports section. The day after the Jazz lost, there were more pictures of the Bulls, MJ and Dennis Rodman than any of our players.To me that is a slap in the face toward our team. I was so disgusted with the Deseret News' choice of pictures that I threw the paper away. Even though they didn't win the championship, I would rather see their pictures any day. I am one of the many Utahns who are sick of hearing about how great Michael Jordan is. Maybe he is the greatest player ever, but our players are all right up there at the top and they deserve top billing from everyone, especially those for whom they played.

They played their hearts out for us. They deserve our love, loyalty and thanks for a great season. As far as I am concerned, the Bulls may have won the trophy, but the Jazz are the true champions.

Margaret Hansen

Salt Lake City