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Trustees debate value of health center’s name

SHARE Trustees debate value of health center’s name

Trustees of the Salt Lake County Regional Service Area spent Wednesday evening musing "What's in a name?"

At issue were calls to change the name of the Oquirrh Park Fitness Center, which is managed by the board of trustees.Members of the center's citizen advisory committee and some Kearns residents wanted to add "Kearns" to the front of the name and drop "Park" before the newly expanded center's July 3 grand opening.

But others at Wednesday's meeting said the current name enjoys valuable name recognition - and is inclusive to all who live inside the center's tax service area.

Trustees compromised - renaming the center "Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center" on a split vote.

Board members Doral Vance and Tony Bueno agreed on the name - albeit somewhat reluctantly.

Trustee Laurie Stringham cast the lone nay vote.

Vance had earlier made a motion to adopt the advisory committee's recommendation, but his call was not seconded.

Bueno, saying he wanted to get beyond the name debate and move on, agreed to include "Kearns" to the center's title - with "Park" remaining.

Several folks offered opinions about the proposed change before the trustee vote.

"We need to find something that will unify us, not separate us into factions," said one woman.

Citizen's advisory committee member Linda Hansen said "Kearns" needed to be added to the name, noting would-be patrons are sometimes confused about the center's location.

Helen James added the Kearns name deserves to be included in the center's title.

Christy Olsen asked trustees not to meddle with the name, saying tax dollars supporting the center comes from several communities and the name "Oquirrh" fosters unity.