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Iraqi newspaper calls U.N. nerve gas allegations `lies’

SHARE Iraqi newspaper calls U.N. nerve gas allegations `lies’

Iraq's official press said on Friday that allegations by weapons inspectors about deadly VX nerve gas in Iraqi missile warheads dashed Baghdad's hopes of cooperating with the U.N.'s investigating body.

Renewing Iraqi media attacks on chief U.N. weapons inspector Richard Butler, the organ of the ruling Baath party, Al-Thawra, said such a vital issue as the lifting of sanctions against Iraq should not depend on him and Washington."The lies and fallacies promoted by . . . Butler in his latest report to the Security Council . . . remind us of the sorrowful facts entailed in the embargo on Iraq," Al-Thawra said.

"These facts make us lose hope in the feasibility of the strategy of cooperation with the Special Commission and to be patient with its games," it added.

Al-Thawra said that "after eight bloody years of aggression and embargo and seven years of destruction of weapons and presentation of documents, data and explanations, this strategy failed to work to give us our legal and human right to see the embargo lifted."