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Leavitt overtaxes Utahns

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I would just like to take the time to thank Gov. Mike Leavitt for all the tax increases he has given to the already overtaxed people of Utah. I cannot think of one way in which we are taxed that he and his gophers in the Legislature have not increased our taxes since he was elected.

A recent example: Last year I purchased a 10-year-old motor home from my father-in-law. I paid $86 in property taxes. This year, the tax was $140. And when I found the receipt for the '96 year that my father-in-law had paid, it was $41. Now how does a motor home increase in value in two years so the taxable value would go from $41 to $140?Next, I am glad that he restructured the property tax on autos so those of us who can't afford big, expensive cars will get to subsidize those who can. And I'm glad he has increased state government by 6-10 percent a year while inflation has been around 3 percent and our "extremely thrifty" federal government has been trying to reduce its size.

I know we all have to chip in to support Leavitt in his trips all over the country so he will be well known when he runs for president. With all the talk on making the federal tax system simpler, I have a suggestion we could use in the state. Let all state residents have their paychecks deposited in the state account and let Leavitt use what he needs. If there is anything left, he can send it to the people to try to pay their bills and put food on their tables.

I have always been a Republican and, I'm sorry to say, voted for you in the elections. But I am going to take a much closer look at how I vote in the future. Good luck in your bid for president.

Stephen L. Miller