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Caption only: The great race: Week of June 26, 1998

SHARE Caption only: The great race: Week of June 26, 1998

Present value of $10,000 investment made January 8, 1998 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1998, The Meyers Report

It was fireworks galore as the fillies frolicked at the festival for the Fourth. Hopes for second-quarter earnings went up like rockets, and the high-tech stocks lit up the evening skies. The mutual fund managers joined in the fun. OTC had a lot to celebrate, sending up $633 worth of Roman candles as he lengthened his lead. Infused with new cash, Lipper Mutual made his move, taking second with a $332 gain. Not wanting to miss the fun, Blue Chip put $116 in his picnic basket and headed to the show. Lipper International, troubled by his Asian woes, found it difficult to party at this all-American event. His $64 loss made him feel out of place. On the other hand, Uncle Sam's 30-Year T-Bond was a standout with his $135 gain. Sparklers were the fireworks of choice for the saver steeds as they celebrated their independence from the vicissitudes of Wall Street and their conservative profits. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-Day CD earned $10, $10 and $8 respectively, to hold on to sixth, seventh and eighth. Gold made an impressive show, filling the sky with color (especially green), as he gained $102 and continued his profitable ways. Silver was the dud, closing $24 and attracting attention from no one.