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Tiger that killed 2 villagers is shot by rangers in Malaysia

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When "Father Stripes" devoured his first victim, he left only a few scattered bones. The next time he struck, three days later, a skull and half-eaten torso turned up: He had carted away the lower body for future consumption.

For a week, villagers in these wooded mountains of northern Malaysia were herded into barricaded huts and guarded by armed police against the rampaging and extremely rare tiger.Initial efforts to trap the tiger using goat meat failed. But on Friday night, forest rangers trampling through bamboo groves and rubber trees cornered the beast, the very animal they are trained to protect, and shot him.

The tiger disappeared into the jungles after being shot near the head but was killed a few hours later by another game warden.

The hunt for the tiger, dubbed "Father Stripes" by the locals out of respect, shattered the serenity of the forest as Special Field Forces rumbled through the foliage in their jeeps.

Rangers set out on foot at daybreak Friday, loaded rifles slung on their shoulders. They scampered among palm trees and bamboo groves, scouring the ground for pug marks of the prowling beast, which tops the list of endangered animals.

Sivanathan Elagupillay, the chief tiger conservator at Malaysian government's Wildlife Management Unit, headed the operation with a heavy heart.

"It has been a difficult decision for us," he said. But, "two lives have already been lost."

The tiger first struck on June 16 at Kampong Kajang village, a clutch of about 20 families eking out a living tapping rubber, cutting bamboo sticks and selling bananas. Only a few bones belonging to Jais Long were found.

Three days later, the tiger was in Kampong Jong, 3 miles away, where he mauled 46-year-old Kamaruddin Noh, leaving his skull and gnawed-at upper torso at the scene.

For a week, a camouflaged cage with a dead goat as bait was set out, but the tiger refused the lure. On Friday, desperate police carted in a tailor's mannequin, dressed it in a T-shirt and trousers and left it crouching with human blood splattered around.