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Scrap bilingual education

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The Statue of Liberty is symbolic of inviting immigrants from all countries to this land of freedom and opportunity. All should be proud of their race and culture, but if we are to live in harmony, one language is necessary to understand each other. One language tends to unify us and different languages tend to divide us. Look at Quebec, Canada.

California has scrapped its 30-year-old policy of bilingual education with good cause. It started with Spanish, but with 55 different languages in the state, where will it end? Studies have proved that most foreign youth want to learn "English" and be accepted by their new country, and higher-education bilingual graduates do not compete as efficiently as "English only" students upon entering the workplace. Despite these truths and the substantial costs involved, academia con-tinues to push for expanded bilingual education, Utah included. What non-English speaking country in the world would do this in reverse?Would it not be better for this nation to require all non-English speaking immigrants, upon arrival, to commit to learn the English language? We, as a welcoming gesture, could commit ourselves to provide English instruction for a period not to exceed one year. Such action would not only reduce present and future costs, but would enrich our culture where we could jointly fight injustice instead of each other.

Don Townley