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Pakistan urges U.S. to mediate Kashmir dispute

SHARE Pakistan urges U.S. to mediate Kashmir dispute

Pakistan's foreign minister urged the United Nations on Sunday to quickly mediate the dispute over Kashmir or risk a fourth war between Pakistan and India, the world's newest nuclear powers.

Gohar Ayub, who met with U.N. special envoy Advaro De Soto on Sunday, told the Associated Press that the relentless cross-border attacks in the disputed Kashmir region could quickly spin out of control.Pakistan claims Indian soldiers killed 26 civilians in the past week in attacks on Pakistani villages strung out along the northern territory's contested border. India denies that any civilians were killed.

Ayub said Pakistan already has made "elaborate plans that if Indian aircraft should come into Pakistan's airspace, we would retaliate quickly and decisively."

India and Pakistan have fought two wars over Kashmir, two-thirds of which is controlled by India and the rest by Pakistan. Both stake claims to the whole province.