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Layton may establish a development agency

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City officials are developing an ordinance to establish a redevelopment agency in Layton.

They're only really interested in an RDA's cousin - an EDA or economic development agency. An RDA must be established first for the city to pursue an EDA.Both an RDA and an EDA work to encourage development using creative financing. However, an EDA does not utilize eminent domain to take over property and is primarily concerned with eliminating blight. An EDA also aims to create better economic conditions and new jobs.

City Manager Alex Jensen said the city has no particular economic projects planned. It simply wants the framework in place if and when a suitable project comes along.

"We've never felt we had to have them in the past," said city economic development specialist Tom Christopulos.

He said there could be a potential EDA project in the city during the next year.

Some potential EDA projects would be located north of the Layton Hills Mall.

Jensen said only a small portion of Fort Lane might be considered blighted and has any chance at qualifying as an actual RDA area. He said the city isn't interested in the RDA right now.

He also said city officials have only used the powers of eminent domain only once - to clean up a junkyard.