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24-hour work proceeds at gravel pit - for now

SHARE 24-hour work proceeds at gravel pit - for now

Following further restrictions to limit the noise, 24-hour operations will continue at the Concrete Products Co. gravel pit.

But representatives from the gravel pit, who had hoped to get an extension through the summer, barely escaped the City Council meeting with any reasonable extension. Initially, the council had planned to only give the pit owners a two-week extension on around-the-clock operations because of continued complaints about noise from the pit's neighbors."See if you can control the banging tailgates and screeching brakes," said Mayor James Dixon. "If you can't do that, we won't feel inclined to extend it any longer."

The complaints, though fewer than last year, have continued to roll into city offices, Dixon said.

Many of the problems occur because new drivers or trucking companies use the pit and are unaware of the city's restrictions on nighttime operations, said John Burggraf, North Salt Lake project manager for Concrete Products.

Any noise problems in the pit have been addressed as quickly as possible, but not all complaints have been forwarded to the pit owners, Burggraf said.

Among the further concessions, CPC may restrict trucks from dumping materials during the late hours of the night. Also, noise monitors will be placed in various areas of the pit to measure decibel levels.

The council agreed to an extension until the July 7 council meeting.