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Title talk’s about soccer, not Jazz and Bulls

SHARE Title talk’s about soccer, not Jazz and Bulls

Forget the Jazz and the Bulls. When the world's sports leaders gathered here talk about who'll take the title, they toss around teams like Germany, Italy or Spain.

The upcoming World Cup soccer matches are a ready topic of discussion among the participants in this week's meetings of the Association of National Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee Executive Board.Not so easy is finding someone who's following the NBA playoffs.

A group of young volunteers at the meeting tried to help a reporter anxious to find anyone planning to watch the game, but they didn't know much about basketball.

"I have a cap of the Chicago Bulls because my parents were in New York and bought it," offered Eloy Gomez, who is studying journalism at a university in Seville.

And he did know a little about the Bulls' star player. "He's the best player, yes? He returned for the money," Gomez said, referring to Jordan's aborted career in baseball.