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Leavitt misused position

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Most people in Utah are very proud of Mike Leavitt as their governor and would be very happy to work with him if called upon. It comes as no surprise then that there was a very energetic response when the governor rallied various neighborhoods to action.

The following is a message sent by Gov. Leavitt to a private residence, which was part of a targeted phone coverage area, the night before the elections."This is a message for Steven Tobias. Steven, my name is Georgie, and I am calling on behalf of Governor Mike Leavitt. The governor would like to remind you and the registered voters in your family, to vote on Tuesday, June 23. Governor Leavitt hopes you will join him in supporting representative Lloyd Frandsen. You know there are not very many people that do get out and vote in the primary elections, so that makes your vote for Lloyd Frandsen even more important than ever, and can really make a difference. Thank you for your time; remember, please vote to re-elect Lloyd Frandsen, on Tuesday, June 23. Have a nice day, thank you for your time, and goodbye."

I, too, want to support my governor in all his responsibilities, but is this one of them? Should our governor be using his position, as head of the state, to place those running for office on "unequal grounds?"

In the Constitution of the Republican Party, as approved by the Utah Republican State Convention on May 10, 1997, it states, "If there is more than one Republican candidate running for one particular office, remain neutral in your position as Senate District Chairman until the Primary Election is over and make sure you treat all Republican candidates fairly and equally."

I for one, am disappointed with Leavitt in using the office which the people gave him as governor to unbalance the selecting process of the people in filling other public offices, especially during the primary elections where choices are being made within the party.

Johnnie Bruce Johnson