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Editorial demeaned dads

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I'm sure that I'm not the only father who was very disappointed in your paper's Father's Day editorial. Is that the best you can do to pay tribute to fathers on the one day of the year American society has set apart to honor fathers?

Can you imagine the backlash your paper would have received if your paper had printed the following as its "tribute" to mothers on Mother's Day: "To those (mothers) in the home we say this, stay there and continue to provide the leadership and support your (husband) and children deserve"?You seem to be saying that fathers don't want to be in the home, that they don't want to support their wives and children. But in telling fathers that they're needed in the home, you're largely preaching to the choir. Literally millions of fathers in our country are prevented from being fully involved in parenting their children because our legal and social systems encourage women to divorce and then force fathers into highly restrictive visitation schedules.

No one can imagine the hurt and shock a disenfranchised parent goes through in the "enlightened" American culture of the 1990s until it is experienced firsthand.

The divorce rate is running at about 50 percent. Statistics show that the person filing for divorce is a woman in 70 percent to 80 percent of American and Utah divorces. If your paper is interested in helping save families and in ensuring the proper parenting of children, why not print an editorial that truly pays tribute to the millions of fathers, married and divorced, who do all they can to be positive role models and to foster their children's well-being. Why not remind the rest of the population about the importance of esteeming fatherhood as a noble good instead of viewing fatherhood with contempt? Based on the content of your Father's Day editorial, I would have guessed that your paper is owned by the National Organization for Women or by some anti-father or anti-family group rather than by the LDS Church.

Dan Lubben

Spanish Fork