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CEYHAN - Thousands of Turks who had been sleeping outside since their homes were damaged by an earthquake three days ago were shaken awake Tuesday by new aftershocks. Rescue workers pulled more bodies from the rubble in Adana and Ceyhan, increasing the death toll from Saturday's quake to 136.

South Korea

SEOUL - President Kim Dae-jung proposed that South and North Korea jointly investigate the deaths of nine crewmen of a captured North Korean submarine.


LONDON - Dr. Charles Rycroft, one of the leading figures in British psychoanalysis, died May 24 of acute pancreatitis at age 83.

Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN - The island's largest public sector trade unions plan to launch a general strike to support telephone workers protesting the sale of the state-owned telephone company.


SEPANG - Travel-weary passengers complained of long waits at the luggage carousels and announcements predicted flight delays due to technical problems as the first flight from Malaysia's new $2.5 billion airport took off.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST - Protestant Orangemen vowed to defy a ruling barring them from a a Catholic enclave this weekend during a march that has touched off riots across Northern Ireland in previous years.

West Bank

GAZA - Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, welcoming Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar to self-ruled Gaza, said peace moves with Israel were in "real crisis."


MOSCOW - The State Duma lower house of parliament will vote on Wednesday on an austerity program the government has drawn up to drag Russia out of economic turmoil.


BUCHAREST - The death toll in weeks of flooding has risen to three and damage to crops, homes and roads is estimated at nearly $150 million, the government said.


PARIS - The National Assembly will debate in October legislation backed by France's leftist government to legalize gay marriages, parliamentary leaders said.


BUJUMBURA - Burundi army officials said 50 people had been killed in heavy fighting between government and rebel troops over the weekend, three weeks away from a promised truce.


JAKARTA - The nation's top legislative body, the People's Consultative Assembly, said 41 of its members, many of them in the government of former president Suharto, had been replaced.


NABATIYEH - Israeli warplanes attacked suspected Iranian-backed Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon, a security source said. There were no reports of casualties.


HAVANA - A Vatican envoy drew prolonged applause during Mass at a packed Havana Cathedral when he implicitly called on Cuba's communist authorities to allow religious education on the island.


SYDNEY - Dr. Philip Nitschke, dubbed "Dr. Death" after helping four patients die, will challenge at the next election the politician responsible for ending the world's first and only voluntary euthanasia law.