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District Court judge must reapply for job

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Third District Judge William A. Thorne has found himself in the odd position of having to reapply and compete with other applicants for his job.

Thorne, a former 3rd Circuit Court judge who was appointed to the District Court bench in 1994, discovered to his surprise last week that the Administrative Office of the Courts had declared his place on the bench vacant and was advertising for a replacement.But while Thorne's term is expiring this year, he wasn't planning to leave the bench. He simply forgot to file for retention election.

"It was just an oversight," Thorne said Tuesday. "It's my responsibility to meet the deadline, and I didn't do that."

So instead of facing a comparatively simple retention election, Thorne must now repeat the process of applying to the Utah Judicial Nominating Commission, hope his name is forwarded to the governor for consideration and hope again that the governor makes him his nominee for confirmation by the Senate.