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PARIS - Subway and rail workers joined striking Air France pilots as France's deepening labor crisis cast a dark cloud on the World Cup soccer tournament.


JAKARTA - Student protesters pulled down an American flag at a U.S. consulate and tore it up to protest what they called American interference in Indonesian affairs.

JAKARTA - Most of the senior military officers in the troubled territory of East Timor died in a helicopter crash that killed 11 people, a military official said.


LONDON - An embarrassed greyhound kept on running after coming last in a race and was last seen heading up the road to freedom after squeezing through the stadium's security fence. Cavecourt Blue is easily identifiable. She is wearing a bright orange jacket, bears the number five and answers to the name of Wilma.


MANILA - Incoming President Joseph Estrada toured the palace that will be his home for the next six years, including a disco and secret passages to escape rebel attacks and pestering journalists.


LUSAKA - Opposition leader and former president Ken-neth Kaunda, in a move that could ease donor concern about political stability in Zambia, announced his intention to retire from active politics.


DIYARBAKIR - A German tourist was freed after being kidnapped by Kurdish guerrillas in eastern Turkey overnight but a truck driver was still being held, security officials said.


TOKYO - Railway officials in Japan hastened to assure the nation that steps would be taken to ensure an accident similar to a deadly German train crash would not happen at home. (See German train crash story on A12.)


BEIJING - The government praised a decision by President Clinton to renew trade privileges for Beijing, saying it would bring benefits to both countries.


HELSINKI - An Estonian hydrofoil with more than 200 passengers hit rocks in thick fog soon after leaving Helsinki harbor on a regular crossing to Tallinn, the Finnish coast guard said. It said no one on board was injured and there was no danger the ship would sink.

South Korea

SEOUL - President Kim Dae-jung reportedly said he would not oppose easing the U.S. economic sanctions imposed on North Korea.


MEXICO CITY - Flights were halted and four planes diverted from Mexico City's airport after a freak blast of wind raised a dust storm that cut visibility.


SAO PAULO - Former President Itamar Franco said he will be a candidate for governor of Minas Gerais state, ending speculation he may seek a comeback in October's presidential elections, a local news agency reported.


BOGOTA - Seven sailors were missing and feared drowned after their cargo vessels sank in separate incidents in shark-infested waters off Colombia's Caribbean coast.


BUENOS AIRES - A court decided to consider reopening an investigation into the fate of a 15-year-old Swedish girl who was abducted by military death squads in 1977 during the rule of the juntas.