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Religious hypocrisy booms

SHARE Religious hypocrisy booms

Wouldn't you have more respect for India - which has been a secular democracy since independence with people of all religions having equal rights - compared to countries like the Islamic Republic of Pakistan or other declared Islamic states where people of one religion have been constitutionally favored over people of other religions?

Would the Mormons or even the Muslims in the United States like the United States to be a declared Catholic or a Lutheran republic? In many Islamic countries, people of other religions are reduced to cult status, with public gatherings of people of other religions prohibited. Case in point is the recent protest suicide of a Catholic priest in Pakistan.Mormons have always opposed to being called a cult by the national media. How many Mormon missionaries are being sent to the Arab world or other Islamic nations? Muslims want to continue to have at least equal or preferred rights in the rest of India where they are a minority, but in Indian part of Kashmir, where they are a majority, they would rather join Pakistan. Hope the hypocrisy is obvious to everybody.

Prabha Krishnan

Salt Lake City