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Jazz: Making the Grade

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Game 1 report card and tonight's prospectus.

Shandon Anderson B -

Played with typical energy on Wednesday but was no match defensively for Michael. Ability to create mismatch against Bulls should earn him more minutes.

Series: B

Antoine Carr D

Nondescript minutes and points in Game 1. May lose PT to Greg Ostertag.

Series: D

Howard Eisley A

What more can you ask of your backup point guard? Eight points, six assists in 23 minutes of work in Game 1. Can you say "repeat performance?"

Series: A

Greg Foster C

Saw only limited time on Wednesday. Friday's minutes will give better indication what his role will be during the series.

Series: C

Jeff Hornacek C

Dismal Game 1 shooting performance (2-of-10) but did reasonable defensive job on Jordan. Are his wheels bad? Bulls say they plan to test-drive him.

Series: C

Adam Keefe I

Grudgingly accepting role of high-paid cheerleader. If justice prevails, he'll get an opportunity to show his stuff before series wraps up.

Series: I

Karl Malone B -

Misdelivered too many shots in opener, although his two hoops to close out regulation were huge. Bank this: He won't play two bad games in a row.

Series: B

Chris Morris A -

Earning his paycheck with 6 points and 3 rebounds in 20 minutes of play Wednesday.

Series: A

Greg Ostertag B+

Did what the big fella is supposed to do in Game 1: He rebounded and disrupted the Bulls offense during his 17 minutes. May steal a few minutes from Foster and Carr as series goes deeper.

Series: B+

Bryon Russell B

Scoreless (0-4) from behind the arc in Wednesday's win but still managed 15 points, despite taking Jordan defensively for several shifts. Look for more of the same.

Series: B

John Stockton A

Future Hall-of-Famer at work. Simply refused to let Jazz lose Game 1. Similar heroics on Friday is expecting too much.

Series: A

Jacque Vaughn I

Another playoff DNP Wednesday. Will double his pleasure, double his fun on Friday.

Series: I