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LDS family lost home when tornado hit town

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A tornado that wiped out this town of 400 on May 30-31, destroyed the home of an LDS family in the process, said Pres. G. Michael Tibbets of the Sioux Falls South Dakota Stake.

Spencer is located some 35 miles west of Sioux Falls in the eastern end of the state.The family, consisting of a father, mother, two children and a grandmother, had moved to the area to try to find a more peaceful place to live. Though it had been difficult to locate them the first day of the disaster, they did make contact with their branch president in the Mitchell Branch, and their needs were being met, Pres. Tibbets said.

As of June 2, relief efforts on the part of the Church had not been mobilized because few were being allowed into the area other than family members. "I don't even think the community knows whether they are going to rebuild," Pres. Tibbets added.

Reports received as of June 1 by the General Welfare Committee of the Church were that 15 persons were killed and at least 200 injured. Elders Hugh W. Pinnock and Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy reported to the committee that all missionaries and members were safe.