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13 patents awarded to Utah inventors

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Thirteen patents for inventions from snowshoes to computers were awarded to Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Harold R. Wing, Springville; N. Ryan Moss, Mapleton, and David Francis, Orem. A snowshoe has both a compact stored configuration and a usable configuration. Assigned to Wing Enterprises Inc., Springville. Filed Sept. 29, 1995. Patent 5,740,621.- Michael W. Cummings, Salt Lake City. A bird feeder for storing or dispensing liquid bird food. Filed Dec. 16, 1996. Patent 5,740,759.

- Robert H. Johns, Fountain Green, and Gordon S. Reynolds, Bountiful. One-hand push-button fast flush device for an intravenous blood pressure monitoring system. Assigned to Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, Ill. Filed June 7, 1995, a continuation-in-part of application Dec. 23, 1993. Patent 5,740,810.

- Gordon A. Tibbitts, Salt Lake City. Rotary bit with gageless waist. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston, Texas. Filed Oct. 27, 1995. Patent 5,740,873.

- Robyn S. McCloy, Murray. A disk holder for compact discs, CD-ROMs, digital video discs, and video game discs. Filed April 28, 1997. Patent 5,740,907.

- Mark L. Enders, North Ogden. Air-bag module cover attachment. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago. Filed May 31, 1996. Patent 5,741,024.

- Foyster G. Bell, Duchesne, and William A. Strand, Las Vegas, Nev. Cleaning system and methods for a mixing truck. Filed May 23, 1996. Patent 5,741,065.

- Mark B. Olsen, Midvale. Float tube urinal. Filed Oct. 17, 1996. Patent 5,741,240.

- Karen Joanne Krapcho, John Randolph Hunter Jackson, Janice Helen Johnson, Eric George DelMar and Robert Marden Kral Jr., all of Salt Lake City. Insecticidally effective peptides. Assigned to FMC Corp., Philadelphia, Penn., and NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed June 5, 1995, a division of patent 5,441,934, which is a continuation-in-part of application Jan. 24, 1992. Patent 5,741,669.

- Carol J. Hinshaw, Ogden; Robert B. Wardle, Logan, and Tom K. Highsmith, North Ogden. Propellant formulations based on dinitramide salts and energetic binders. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed March 12, 1996, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,498,303. Patent 5,741,998.

- Kent H. Booker, Ogden; Howard K. Jackman, Uintah; Kerry A. Cooke, Hooper; and L. John Pierotti, Huntsville. Flexible manual gas-fill and ball-weld seal apparatus. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago. Filed Feb. 5, 1996. Patent 5,742,030.

- Peter K. Hazen, Auburn, Calif., and Michael J. Castillo, Provo. Method and apparatus for controlling the protection mode of flash memory. Assigned to Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed Dec. 29, 1995. Patent 5,742,935.

- Richard D. Strickland, Sandy. Optical fiber handpiece. Assigned to HGM Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 13, 1996. Design patent 393,715.