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Get straight on the right

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Whoa back thar, Knute. I just finished reading your article on the far right wing part of the Republican Party. Let's get a few things straight about the conservatives. We believe in less government and more personal responsibility for our own lives and actions. The liberals want a one-size-fits-all form of government. We Mormons believe in the U.S. Constitution and are willing to die for it, if necessary. (At least I am and have laid my life on the line in Korea.)

The top dogs in both the Republican and the Democratic parties have played let's make a deal for so that even they are confused as to their political gender. We conservatives will naturally gravitate toward a conservative banner. If, when we get there, we find it is more liberal than we like, we are willing to do a little adjusting when necessary.One last point, If Salt Lake City so conservative, why is it that the Republicans didn't back their candidate and we ended up with the most liberal mayor that money can buy?

Tom Bird

Salt Lake City