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No excuses, explanations for defeat

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Game 2 was disappointing because we came out flat and they came out aggressive. We had all the incentive in the world to come out and play with reckless abandon and we didn't at the start. That set the tone and ultimately is what did us in.

I don't think it was the pressure of it being the Finals. I don't know why we were flat. I can't pinpoint it. There is no excuse for the way we came out, no excuse at all.

Practice on Saturday was light. We just looked over some films and walked through some of the execution of our offense. From there we got ready to go to the airport for our flight to Chicago.

The flight was pretty routine. I got a good nap and had some good food. When we got into town, we had a police escort from the airport to the hotel. That was nice because we got here quick and we didn't have to worry about traffic.

We're staying at the Fairmont Hotel. You get tired of being in hotels, but this is a nice one. It's one of the best in the NBA. It's pretty fancy smancy, but the most important thing is that the beds are comfortable.

In Game 3, we need to play with more energy and concentrate on going hard to the boards first of all. Even though (the Bulls) aren't big, they're quick. We gave them a lot of second-chance points on Friday and that killed us.

Karl Malone is struggling a little bit, he admits that, but so am I. Maybe he's pressing a little bit. He just needs to relax and play his game and he'll come around.

I was disappointed in my efforts because I haven't been able to get myself into the flow. I'm going to try to get off to a good start, because I haven't been and as a result I haven't been getting a lot of minutes. It's tough because I've had Scottie Pippen on me. My main focus now is to go out there and defend.

I've been guarding Toni Kukoc, and I feel I can do a good job on him. He only scored two buckets on me during the game. The other points he got came when someone else was on him. I know I can guard the guy and I look forward to doing it.

It was last year at this time - Game 3 in the NBA Finals - when I had the highlight of my NBA career, no doubt about it. I scored 16 points and we beat the Bulls. I'm hoping for a repeat in Game 3 this year. It sure would be nice.

I played for the Bulls for a while in the 1994 season so I know a little bit about Chicago. It's a great city. There is a lot going on and a lot of great restaurants. It's interesting being back in a big city environment where you take cabs everywhere and there are tons of people walking around the streets downtown. I enjoy it.

My first night in Chicago has been pretty tame. Just going out to get a bite to eat and doing the analyst stuff on Fox 13. After that, I'll be off to bed to get some rest.