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Eagle Forum isn’t extreme

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The front page article in the Deseret News on May 2, "Legal battle in East sparks war in Utah," sparked some real interest in my home as well.

With the comments of our Attorney General Jan Graham regarding her statements on the "Eagle Forum extremists" pushing Gov. Mike Leavitt around, it might be well for the attorney general to be aware of a few things regarding the Eagle Forum.I am not a member of the Eagle Forum and I see very little in the news about it, unfortunately, but I am aware that the forum bases its political positions on what the attorney general obviously is not very well acquainted with: the U.S. Constitution.

She should consider this fact and realize that the Eagle Forum is not extremist. Conservative, yes, but not extremist. The liberals, that is those who oppose the Constitution from a little to a whole lot, are the extremists.

Theodore G. Caughey