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Chocolate lovers in paradise with new brownies

SHARE Chocolate lovers in paradise with new brownies

Ghirardelli wants you to try two new premium brownie mixes: just plain ol' brownies and a double chocolate. The 20-ounce box retails for $2.39.

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "We tested the `double chocolate' with a pouch of semi-sweet chips added at a family party during the Jazz game three with the Bulls. The reaction was the same as the game totals: If you were a dedicated chocolate lover the brownies scored extremely high being very rich and moist. If you were not-so crazy about chocolate, they scored the lowest in brownie history."Edyth Jensen (married, son, wife and one grandchild at home): "We tried the Ghirardelli double chocolate with chocolate chips. They are decadently rich and chewy. They were enjoyed by all. For an extra treat, a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a square while still warm would be great. We will probably buy this once in a while for a special occasion."

Don Russell (married, five children at home): "Thumbs up! These brownies were a welcome change-of-pace from most boxed mixes we have prepared over the years. Our double chocolate brownies were moist, sweet, chocolaty, chewy and just plain good. I normally like frosting on brownies, but in this case, these Ghirardelli brownies were plenty sweet on their own. Naturally, we enjoyed the chocolate chips in the brownies."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, one son at home): "If you want a chocolate fix, this is your brownie. But if you're on a diet don't look at the side panel! These brownies have a deep, chocolate flavor and after they're mixed up, you add a bag of chocolate chips. So when you bite into these, they're ooey gooey with melted chocolate and very moist.

"Pricewise, I feel they're a bit steep and that's the only thing that would hold me back."

Rich Firmage (married, four children, oldest 13 years old): "For those of you who read this column regularly, you know that my wife makes three or four different types of the best brownies in the world. So any box mix, of which we have tested quite a few, pales in comparison.

"But these were pretty good. Not as good as homemade, mind you, but for a box mix, they tasted good. If you're not into homemade or need a quick treat, these are good."

Bill Allred (married): "Wow! These brownies are really good. Jenne used the high altitude recipe and that made the brownies really dense and thick. They were very chewy and chocolaty, and I'm thinking you couldn't do better from scratch. An excellent product that we'll surely buy again. Can't wait to try them hot with ice cream on top. Mmmmmm."

Conclusion: They're rich, some say they're even better than homemade. Ghirardelli's new brownies will send you to chocolate-lover's heaven.